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We are currently working
on these Additional Programs
which are important components
in every society!

We will be introducing our “Three Steps Shorter” programs to address some of society's problems currently pursued by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA),  ALANON and Narcotics Anonymous.
Since 1935 when they were first introduced, they have been a “Christian” activity. However, we have a major difference — we believe that the human spirit can be elevated to take on this task by coming to grips with the problems that created the problem in the first place — and we believe you can do it without Gods! Our message to anyone embarking on one of our “Three Steps Shorter” programs is that “your society believes you can!” and we want to help you do it!
“How do I tell them?” is a four-week workshop series preparing you to declare your "Non-belief" to your family, friends and associates. We use a workshop method as each individual creates a customized approach to this important, and often neglected, life task.
     While you may have spent your life accommodating their differences, you are now requesting that they accommodate your newly known difference . . . without prejudices, fears or disdain. At stake are your continued relationships and we consider it important to maintain those relationships, especially those that will continue to contribute to your life.
    We also recognize that some people in your world will reject your “difference”. Your best option may be to exclude them from your current life. Our objective is to make your “Coming Out” a joyful, liberating, memorable experience . . . not only for you, but for all the people you want in your life!
    Our desire is that, while we want you to become a fully-functioning member of our Milesian society, we want you to experience a life of health, happiness and respect!

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