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Milesian Society fills need
for Atheists to function
as an identifiable group!

The Milesians is a modern society based on very old ones — in fact ones that were established centuries ago in Greece and Ireland. We are a society of non-believers. For thousands of years, we have suffered from rejection and retributions levelled at us by “faith-based” religions. We have had enough.
    Many of us are now being heard — and heeded. Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Mona Futrell, Paul Geisert— and many others— distinguish themselves in their “battles” with media, government and organizations supported by “believers”. They confront myths, misconceptions, ignorance and fault-filled arguments. Most significant of these is that religion claims non-believers cannot be moral . . . without Gods!

Our intellectuals are doing well
in this war of words!

Meanwhile, concealed within religion's mainstream are millions of non-believers who pursue their lives as if they were religious. They represent no “threat” to religion and escape religion's wrath by not being recognized or organized — by not being easily identified! Historically, they were not about to invest time, talent or energy to take on established religion and its supporters. Most of them were trying to stay alive by not being noticed!
    Regardless, if they could really trust that they would not be persecuted, many of them would prefer to identify with a “tribe”— one that will serve their social needs while standing up to scrutiny for ever. Milesians can be their “tribe”.

Society must provide
everyone's social needs!

Unfortunately, "believers" control most rituals, organizations and facilities needed by a "society" in order to thrive and survive. Over time, this control has become dangerous — not so much from what religions do, but what they permit others to do in the name of God or with God's blessing! “Faith-based” agendas continue to prevail over laws, and "faith-based history, science and logic” replaces truth and common sense. We have had enough and are doing something about it.
    Because humans are social beings, our natural instinct is to function as a “tribe” and obtain social nourishment from others.

Non-believers contribute
. . . without Gods!

High-profile Atheists like Thomas Edison, Gloria Steinham, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Germain Greer are among thousands of non-believers who substantially contributed to our world!
Unfortunately, they were not about to create a new society — they had other things to do. (It is interesting to note that their accomplishments diverted society's attention away from their non-belief. It would be interesting for someone to make a study of how “Atheism provoked greatness”.)
    Meanwhile, less successful Atheists continue to suffer in their attempts to fully enjoy a life without Gods. When they emerge as Atheists, their energies are too often consumed in an ongoing battle with religions, governments — even family, friends and other atheists who have their own ideas of how a society should function!
    You are invited to examine our website and discover our approach to creating a great society.    -Anton Kozlik

© Copyright 2008 by The Milesians

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