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Ancient Milesians blazed trails
that inspired Plato, Socrates
and philosophers that followed!

Founded in 6th century BC Greece, The Milesian School of Thought introduced new opinions contrary to prevailing viewpoints on how our world originated. Unlike their predecessors, their efforts constituted a search for what could be proven. Given their lack of access to scientific tools, Thales (624-546 BC), Anaximander (610-547 BC) and Anaximenes of Miletus (585-525 BC) persisted in their search for earth's basic elements.
    The Milesians presented a view of nature in terms of methodologically observable entities, and as such, was one of our first truly scientific philosophies.
     Their contribution to our world was their enduring quest for truth. As they discovered new concepts, they were noted for dismissing any associated faulty logic that preceded their findings. They embraced acts of discovery — and thus established a purity that persists today in most scientific circles. Their approach influenced Greek philosophers that followed — Plato and Socrates.
    Humans, rediscovering these truths, or discovering new ones, often suffered dire consequences from those who had their reasons to discourage new discoveries — especially if positions and profits were threatened.
    Modern-day communications and our resulting scientific knowledge help our truth search — but ignorance persists as some institutions reject what they contend are faithless findings.

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