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Krypton Kid programs concentrate on young people having a lot of fun. They build self-esteem while they learn lots of neat stuff and work to that day when they “Come of Age" in what is our most important ritual. Children will develop skills and talents that are not currently available from most youth programs. One of our secrets is that we don't burden our kids with any dogma, myth or supernatural beliefs. Programs at specific locations will vary according to their “kid population”. See your local Facilitator for more information of what programs are currently available in your area.

Three through Eight-Year-Olds
Age appropriate activities are featured during our Youngster's Gathering which takes place during our Sunday Gathering. After joining our adults in joint activities, children adjourn for their own session.
    We also conduct a special “Krypton Kids Gathering” on Teacher's Professional Development Days. This is a day-long program where Krypton Kids have breakfast, lunch and snacks while they engage in competitions, games and “quiet” times. This program is available to entire communities at a reasonable cost. Milesian members earn their regular discount.

Nine to Twelve Year Olds
In addition to participating in our Sunday Gathering programs, Krypton Kids get together on Saturday mornings with specialists from their community who conduct award earning sessions. Krypton Kids complete a variety of skill and talent assigments and earn proficiency awards for their efforts. During their eleventh and twelfth year they also prepare for their “Coming of Age”, their most important ritual in our Milesian society when they become young adults. (We don't use the term “teenager”) Assignments concentrate on our Eight Principles — understanding what they mean and then applying them to their lives.

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