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There are numerous sites on the web for non-believers. Here are links to like-minded websites. We have chosen a few that come closer to our aims and objectives — getting on with living without Gods!
  We have used a “flameability” factor in our selections. We tend to avoid recommending sites that "enflame” their visitors. Their authors have an axe to grind and are using the web to vent their feelings about religion, god, and the latest events that promote more discord between “beievers” and "non-believers". Their messages tend to be well-founded. Unfortunately, most believers read them with a cognitive dissonence (See Terms and Definitions) and instead of getting their messages, readers become even more protective of their own beliefs.
       Milesians believe we can live side-by-side with religion as long as religion doesn’t hog all the space at the table or make decisions of what everyone has to eat!
Here, therefore, are our recommended links.

Noam Chomsky is our world’s top intellectual. His brush draws a broader stroke than non-believers could cover as he concerns himself with adverse situations throughout our world, and America's complicity in many of these events. He is, without question, “America's Conscience”, and most likely, our world’s.

Most controversially, Sam Harris maintains that “moderation” in religion poses considerable dangers of its own: he points out that accommodating religious faiths in our society now blinds us to what role that faith plays in perpetuating human conflict. 

Richard Dawkins
is popular and “unofficial” head honcho for atheism. He brings a dignity and positive persona to his public debates (of which there are many), discussions and writings, especially with release of his latest book The God Delusion .

Christopher Hitchens would be our choice for any debate with any opponent to non-belief, or promoter of a religion. He is one of the top five intellectuals in our world; more knowledgeable of current and past religions than anyone who “takes the stage”; and we would label him our world's foremost provocateur.

Daniel Dennett quietly goes about doing what must be done if non-believing is to accomplish a positive societal influence. He cares about individuals or families that must deal with complex issues when choosing to “come out” as non-believers.

Contact me (anton at if you have comments, crtiticisms or recommendations.

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