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Modern day Milesians 
function without gods!

We are not a religious order or institution. As you review this site you will learn what we believe, what we do about it, and how we function in this twenty-first century.
    In essence, we live without gods . While we may be spiritual beings, we are free of supernatural and mystical elements. We believe that in this 21st century, families and individuals require a healthy and harmonious social life with opportunities to expand their human experience — without being influenced by religion, flawed history, mythology, unhealthy memes, questionable agendas, and social injustices.
    Since we recognize that good and just people are found in all societies, we believe that our experiences should not include waging war on other societies and belief systems. However, we do claim our right, when suitable, to pursue justice and equality for members of our society.
     Our celebrations are rooted in observances that took place more than 6,000 years ago by our Stone Age forebearers. Most notable was their knowledge of astronomy. They knew precisely when December Solstice occurred and built structures to assist them in their calculations.
    We also celebrate June Solstice and Equinoxes. Naturally, we celebrate birthdays, rite of passage, weddings, anniversaries and milestone events. Some of us also recognize Conception Day — the day each of us got started! 

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