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Rituals without Religion!
Milesians celebrate important milestones in life
. . . and do it without religion!

Whatever your occasion, you, your family, and your guests will treasure how Milesian’s capture your event's importance with beauty, joy, and respect.
     Each of these important occasions focus on achievements of those individuals involved— and God is not one of them!

Coming of Age Milesians believe that coming of age is life’s most important individual achievement. Our unique ceremony reflects this significance as children are prepared for this memorable moment with studies that focus on understanding and applying our eight principles. Once youths come of age, Milesians consider them as young adults and expect them to accordingly conduct their lives. (“Teenager” only became a term of reference about 1922. Milesians don’t use it!)

Baby Naming We help bring joy to this celebration as parents gather with other members of our society and proclaim birth of their new child.

Marriage Milesian ceremony specialists work with couples to create a memorable ceremony. Guests from other beliefs and societies will be impressed and comforted as they witness our marriage ceremonies.

Renewal of Vows This ceremony expresses continuing devotion to each other for a wife and her husband as we celebrate that commitment made when their vows were first exchanged.

Funerals Milesians do not mourn a death they celebrate a life lived! Our tasteful ceremonies pay respect to both the departed and those who mourn. Milesians do not believe in an after-life.

Your local Facilitator
will help you plan
your event.

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